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Osheaga 2010 Wrapup: Arcade Fire

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Written by Brendan

Friday August 6, 2010

I can best describe Arcade Fire’s performance as the closing act of day 1 at Osheaga as awe inspiring.  Pardon my gushing, but Arcade Fire is absolutely one of the best few contemporary rock bands.  Their live show is a testament to their original song writing, musical talent (they all play numerous instruments) and raw energy.  And they really go the extra mile in spending the money and time creating such an elaborate stage setup and well-timed performance.

Even without the large video screen intermittently playing live shots of the band through a variety of lens filters and a pre-made series of film clips, their show is so visually compelling that it almost distracts from the music. Almost.

Arcade Fire @ Osheaga 7/31/2010

Playing a mix of songs from their previous 3 releases, Arcade Fire was as tight and polished as a band could be. They manage their playlist in such a way to keep the energy high with the old hits, while interspersing heavy, intense numbers like Rococo.  They treated us to three never-before-played numbers, “Deep Blue,” “Half Light II” and my favorite track off their latest album “Sprawl II,” featuring Regine on lead vocals.

Arcade Fire @ Osheaga 7/31/2010

While Win Butler commands the stage with his powerful voice and presence, and Regine Chassagne dazzles with her choreographed dances, elaborate costumes, accordion playing and sugary-sweet vocals, I have to say that multi-instrumentalist William Butler (Win’s brother) is the best performer in the band.  In fact, he’s an absolute maniac out there.  Nobody has ever made the xylophone look so hardcore.  Keep your eyes on him if you’re lucky enough to catch an Arcade Fire show. (William is pictured on the left of the photo below, absolutely wailing on the drum in his hands)

Arcade Fire @ Osheaga 7/31/2010

If you’re about to cry because you missed this show, and Arcade Fire isn’t coming your way – fear not.  They played a very similar set on YouTube last night (broadcast live from MSG), and it was every bit as impressive.  You can watch it here.

Arcade Fire @ Osheaga 7/31/2010

I will be stalking the Arcade Fire tour dates until I’m able to see them again, and I suggest you do too. And if you haven’t yet, pick up their latest albumThe Suburbs, on sale for $3.99 through today only at Amazon.

note: all photos in this post are copyright © 2010 Brendan Bush. You are free to copy, distribute and transmit them as long as proper attribution is given, in accordance with this Creative Commons policy.

Note: All photos are copyright © 2010 Brendan Bush unless otherwise noted. You are free to copy, distribute and transmit them as long as proper attribution is given, in accordance with this Creative Commons policy.

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