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Photos & Wrapup: Girls In Trouble @ SEABA Center, 5/27/2011

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Written by Brendan

Saturday May 28, 2011

Last night, I was lucky enough to host Girls In Trouble in my impromptu debut as a concert promoter. A quick back story: I follow the band on twitter (having loved their music since their 2009 self-titled debut), and a couple of weeks ago they put out the call for a New England show on May 27, after a previously scheduled show fell through. I initially sent the request along to Angioplasty Media, the guys responsible for much of the amazing music that comes to Burlington. When it seemed like there was nothing happening there, and the band asked again for a show, I decided I’d give it a whirl.

The SEABA Center on Pine St. was kind enough to be our host for the evening – providing the perfect setting for what one friend who came to the show called “a far, far more relaxed and intimate way to experience good music than going to a bar.” I have to agree, and thanks to the expert sound setup (put together by bassist Aaron Hartman), it was also a much better sounding experience.

Aaron Hartman of Girls In Trouble

The band played a good mix of tunes from both of their albums, and lead vocalist/violinist Alicia Jo Rabins kept the mood light and friendly between songs. My favorite tune was the aptly named “Waltz For A Beheading,” a fiesty fiddle-laden instrumental number from their latest release (Half You Half Me), which she introduced with the story of the song’s inspiration – the biblical tale of Judith, who used her beauty and guile to behead an enemy general and save Israel from the Assyrians.

Alicia Jo Rabins of Girls In Trouble

Biblical women feature heavily in the music of Girls In Trouble, their stories spun so deftly and beautifully as to create an immediate and visceral connection when performed. That was definitely evident last night in the responses of those in attendance. And that’s not to say that the connection is necessarily religious – though it is for some, it’s the storytelling that so captivates me. I’m certain that everyone there last night was as enthralled as I was with the band’s performance, which also featured drummer David Freeman and guitarist/percussionist Elaina Morgan.

Elaina Morgan and Alicia Jo Rabins of Girls In Trouble

Many thanks to Girls In Trouble for giving me the chance to put together a show for them, and for making the trip to Burlington. I’m already looking forward to their return, and feel really inspired by the whole experience. I also want to personally thank everyone who was there for coming out and supporting live music in Burlington’s South End. Hopefully there will be more to come!

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  1. Eric W says:

    Congrats! Looks like it was an awesome time