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Wrapup: Langhorne Slim @ Higher Ground 12/1/2010

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Written by Brendan

Thursday December 2, 2010

It’s not often that I have such high expectations as I did last night for Langhorne Slim, who I’ve wanted to see for at least 5 years. It’s also not often that those expectations are exceeded, but Langhorne Slim did it last night. The band put on a performance that easily ranks in my favorite 5 of the year, and has had me listening to Langhorne albums all morning. Here are some photos from the show, with more wrapup beneath them:

The only slightly negative aspect of the night was the slim attendance (couldn’t resist the pun). I wish I knew what it took to drive people to shows, as I can almost guarantee that everyone there last night had an amazing time. That was easily the best $10 show I’ve been to, and if you missed it, you blew it.

Anyhow, the band consists of Langhorne Slim (born Sean Scolnick) on guitar & lead vocals, Malachi DeLorenzo on drums, Jeff Ratner on upright bass and David Moore on keyboard & banjo. The upright bass adds such a presence onstage, and such a richness to the music. And Ratner knows how to work it.

Moore was animated on the keys, and a downright animal on the banjo. In one particular maelstrom of strumming, he managed to both break a string and rip the accompanying tuning key right out of the banjo head. The volume on the banjo could have been turned up a bit for the whole show, but it was played with such zeal that even with minimal amplification, it was still a presence.

DeLorenzo also attacked his instrument with a particular fervor, all four of his limbs moving so quickly they were almost hard to see. It seemed like he was working to contain himself from jumping out of his seat for most of the show.

And Langhorne Slim himself left it all on stage, ending the night covered in sweat and stripped down to a tank top t-shirt. His songwriting is so forthright and easy to relate to that it doesn’t take much for him to have an immediate connection with the audience. And his stage presence only amplifies that feeling. They played a fairly long setlist, featuring material from the most recent release, Be Set Free, as well as songs from several of their previous albums. My personal favorite was “She’s Gone,” but then that’s also my favorite song of their whole catalog…

If you don’t own any Langhorne Slim, it’s time you gave it a listen. And if these guys play anywhere close to you, go see them. I promise, you won’t be disappointed. Along with Midlake, Langhorne Slim now tops my list of bands I need to see again, and as soon as humanly possible.

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