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Wrapup & Photos: Milagres w/ The Milkman’s Union @ Monkey House 4/22/11

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Written by Brendan

Saturday April 23, 2011

Last night’s show at the Monkey House was easily the best $5 I’ve spent in weeks. Well, that cheeseburger for lunch from The One Love Market last week might top it, but that was a damn good burger. And I guess I really spent more like $20 after the tshirt and album purchases. But you get my point — there was some really good music.

A quick aside for those who were at the show that I was neither the person shooting flash photography nor the professional photographer who stood right up front for most of the show, never once clapping or showing any interest in the music but helping himself to the best floor real estate the entire night. Not that I was irritated at either of those…

Husband & Wife opened the show, and for a band with such a terrible name, they were pretty good. I actually planned getting to the Monkey House late enough to miss them, based purely on their name. Shows me what that kind of judgementalism gets you… good thing they started later than I thought they would.

The Milkman's Union @ The Monkey House, Winooski

They were followed by The Milkman’s Union, whose frontman Henry Jamison (pictured above) is a Burlington native though the band calls Portland, Maine home. There seemed to be a pretty good hometown turnout for Jamison, including his mom (to whom he apologized for not being better at on-stage banter). They played a fairly long set, ranging from moody and mellow to witty and whimsical. Their baseball themed tune “Brooks Robinson” was my favorite.

Milagres @ The Monkey House

The highlight of the night was definitely Brooklyn’s Milagres. They were able to crowd themselves onto the Monkey’s small stage with surprising ease, considering the several keyboards and big drum kit. The band seemed really comfortable on stage, and all clearly had a great time playing music. Although the crowd thinned a bit before they came on, those who remained crowded closer to the stage to feed on the band’s energy.

Milagres in Winooski, VT

They played what felt like a bit of a short set, but what it lacked in length they made up for in quality. It was a really upbeat and catchy collection of songs, using the poppy electronic keyboards to complement tempestuous drumming, thick basslines and ripping guitars. The drummer was a bit of a short fellow, but his head often popped out above the cymbals as he fought to stay in his seat.

Their impressive performance leaves me wanting more Milagres, and I was psyched to hear they’ll be out with a new album on Kill Rock Stars in September. It’ll definitely be on my list of must-haves, and should Milagres be so kind as to return to the Monkey House for a third time, I’ll be there in a heartbeat.

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