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Favorite Music 2009

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Written by Brendan
Thursday March 25, 2010

Inspired by my friend Aaron, every year I compile a CD of my favorite music that was released that year. Below are the track listings for 2009.

Listen to this playlist on Spotify.

Artist Song Album
A.C. Newman Prophets Get Guilty
White Rabbits Percussion Gun It’s Frightening
Band Of Skulls I Know What I Am Baby Darling Dollface Honey
Peasant We’re Good On the Ground
The Swimmers Nervous Wreck People Are Soft
The Builders and The Butchers Vampire Lake Salvation Is A Deep Dark Well
Ramona Falls Russia Intuit
Wild Beasts Hooting & Howling Two Dancers
Great Northern Mountain Remind Me Where The Light Is
Loch Lomond Ghost Of An Earthwork Night Bats
Pomegranates Southern Ocean Everybody, Come Outside!
BellX1 The Great Defector Blue Lights on the Runway
The xx Shelter xx
Magnolia Electric Co The Handing Down Josephine
Baby Teeth The Part You Play Hustle Beach
Lightning Dust Wondering What Everyone Knows Infinite Light
Harlem Shakes Winter Water Technicolor Health
Girls In Trouble Mountain/When My Father Came Back Girls In Trouble
Throw Me The Statue Waving At The Shore Creaturesque
Metric Satellite Mind Fantasies
Heartless Bastards The Mountain The Mountain
The Scotland Yard Gospel Choir Tear Down The Opera House …and the horse you rode in on

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