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On the road: albums to travel with

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Written by Susie

Tuesday January 4, 2011

[ed. note - to help sustain this blog over the busy holidays, I asked a few friends to write a guest post. This is Susie's contribution]

I spent much of 2010 alone, traveling in planes and rental cars for about a quarter of it. Awesome (seriously). For company I had my iPod and the AUX cable that traveled 42,000 miles with me. I listened to a lot of music, but these are three of my favorite albums.

I was introduced to Mumford and Sons by my friend Caitlin, who instant messaged me and said only, “you are required to come to this show with me (at the 9:30 club).” Knowing that I acquire new music almost solely via Brendan, Aaron and Caitlin, I enthusiastically agreed to go. The show was great. I knew none of the songs and still felt part of the event and went home and expressly bought “Sigh No More”. Their soulful, English accented love songs are wonderful to sit with regardless of my mood and the wailing interludes are especially conducive to my experimental singing (I’m awful and it’s best done in cars alone).

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros’ “Up From Below” tap straight into my hippy love-of-everything and the universal nature of life and living. Through and through love fest music, I swoon when I hear Alexander’s story to Jade of how he fell in love with her in “Home”. Seeing them live brought a whole new level of understanding of their soulful works, recognizing that performing, singing and dancing are to the level of religious for them and some members of their audience. I dig.

Broken Bells blends my affinity for electronic (Ratatat, Fila Brazilia, AIR, El Ten Eleven) and indie rock. With lyrics I can sing along to, droning choruses I love, and beats that work at 5am or 10pm, these folks can come with me anywhere I go.

Honorable mention goes to The National, Lissie, OK Go (mostly because I accidentally bought every song they have on iTunes and I’m largely not disappointed), Starf*cker, Pete Yorn and Scarlett Johansson, She & Him, Phoenix, Interpol, and that one song by Pearl Jam (fine, it’s called Breathe).

Thanks to the real music gurus who know what they like and shed a great deal of light on the music I listen to – can’t wait to hit more shows with you and do exactly as you say. Finally, here’s to whatever 2011 brings – may it be accompanied by a rich and varied soundtrack.

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