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Standout Tracks: “Right On” by The Roots

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Written by Eric

Friday July 9, 2010

Ed. Note: I’ll be filling in for Brendan for a few days.  Our musical taste arc has followed the same hip-hop to indie music (with some hip-hop interspersed) progression, so I hope to do this blog’s theme justice.

“Right On” by The Roots is the 9th track off of their latest release, “How I Got Over.”  While I highly recommend the entire album, I want to focus on this particular track.

A rework of “The Book of Right-On” by Joanna Newsom, this track immediately hit me with its haunting and mesmerizing hooks and break beats.  Newsom’s harp and voice combined with Questlove’s drums create a backdrop for this song that leaves the listener yearning for more.  An aside: you can read more about Joanna Newsom’s unique journey through indie music at NYTimes.com.

Black Thought deftly maneuvers through his verse. Like the rest of the album, his level-headed but strong flow drives the track with a sense of purpose.  On this occasion though, the lyrical gem of the track belongs to the other guest.  STS aka Sugar Tongue Slim, the Philly by way of Atlanta rapper, comes out of nowhere to steal the track with his verse. He quickly burns through his 45 seconds, dropping several scientific references and finishing with a sports analogy.  That combination is a key to my rap-loving heart. It’s the type of performance that makes you do a double-take and rewind to the beginning of it.

Sure, the track’s message is a bit shallow; it’s equal parts ego boasting and city repping.  But it certainly left an impression on me for days.  Give it a listen and let me know what you think:

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One Response to “Standout Tracks: “Right On” by The Roots”

  1. Brendan says:

    Thanks Eric – great post… I definitely have to pick up this album