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Daytrotter comes to Vermont

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Written by Brendan

Wednesday July 27, 2011

Exciting news from Daytrotter today — they are bringing their Barnstorming 5 tour through Charlotte, VT on August 28. The tour features White Rabbits, Deer Tick, We Are Augustines, Blood Orange and Doug Paisley. I saw White Rabbits a couple years back and definitely recommend their show.

But I recommend this more than anything for the venue and the experience itself — the show is being held at The Old Lantern Barn in Charlotte. The folks at Daytrotter are true pioneers of the music industry, and if the success of their Daytrotter Sessions are any indication, this is bound to be a special evening.

Tickets can be purchased here (it’s a little bit convoluted of a system, but they explain it well enough).

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