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Holy exciting shit!

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Written by Brendan

Thursday March 25, 2010

Just bought tickets for Osheaga. We’ve wanted to go for the past couple of years, but it always seemed like the lineup was missing that one extra special band that would make the trip worth it. So what did the good folks at Osheaga do? Well they got LOTS of extra special bands.

Seriously, this is ridiculous. Arcade Fire, Stars, Metric, The National and Black Keys all in one place! And just a short 90 minute drive from Burlington. I went to a wedding last summer on the same island where they hold Osheaga, and it was absolutely beautiful. If the bands above weren’t good enough incentive, Blitzen Trapper. Pavement, Jimmy Cliff and Beach House are all going to be there.

Holy exciting shit. I’m now counting down the days…

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