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Monday Morning

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Written by Brendan

Monday March 29, 2010

Without giving it much conscious thought, I often put on music that amplifies my mood. Eminem when I’m angry or need to really focus (seriously), Midlake or Elvis Perkins when I’m feeling melancholy or introspective, etc.

But sometimes music can also alter my mood, which I’m glad to say happened this dreary Monday morning in Burlington. I started off the day with Drink Up Buttercup‘s new album “Born And Thrown On A Hook“, and have moved onto Shout Out Louds‘ “Work,” and the combination of the two has me ready to get something done today. It was a long weekend, starting on Friday morning with a broken furnace and a backed up sewer line (a euphemism for a basement flooded with shit water).  But I’m halfway through “Show Me Something New” and I think that today might be ok.

p.s. Shout Out Louds and Freelance Whales are playing Friday, May 7 at Cabaret Juste Pour Rire in Montreal.

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