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This week’s music purchases

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Written by Brendan

Tuesday April 27, 2010

On Friday I ended up picking up “Swim” by Caribou, and I’ve only been through it once with not much to report. I’m out of downloads at emusic for the month, and Amie St. didn’t have any of the 5 albums I was interested in listening to, so I didn’t pick up any of today’s releases.

However, I did get sent “atlas” by the american dollar (another fantastic first to encourage me to keep doing this – free music!), and I’m really into it. It reminds me a lot of Explosions in the Sky, with a little bit more of an electronic/digital feel. But it has the same depth and texture as an Explosions album, as well as similar euphoric crescendos and crushing decrescendos.

I’m not sure I’ll make it to their upcoming show at the Monkey House (June 24) — I kinda feel like I need to be outside to really experience and appreciate this genre of music live — but I can definitely recommend the album to those keen on the “post-rock” or “experimental rock” styles of music.

One more quick note – Caribou will be at La Tulipe in Montreal next Wednesday, May 5, though I’ll be at JC Brooks & the Uptown Sound at the Monkey House.

The American Dollar - Atlas Caribou - Swim

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