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This week’s music purchases

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Written by Brendan

Friday May 14, 2010

Better late than never – too many other things to write about this week, so this got pushed back til Friday instead of Tuesday or Wednesday (new music comes out on Tuesdays, for those of you unaware).

Anyhow, this week’s releases happen to come out directly in the middle of two epic release weeks, so I kept things reasonable. I picked up “High Violet” by The National and “Sea Of Cowards” by The Dead Weather (one of Jack White’s side projects).

I’m still settling in with The National effort – as with their previous two releases (“Alligator” and “Boxer“), it’s taking me a while to digest. And like the previous two, I’m sure that once I’ve been able to spend enough time with it, I’m going to be a big fan.

The Dead Weather album I’m not so sure about. Full disclosure: I’ve found the White Stripes releases to be pretty hit-or-miss, and I really loved the previous album from The Dead Weather (“Horehound“), so I think I might just be a sometimes-fan of Jack White. But I just didn’t get the same visceral response from this record as I did for the last, and what I liked most about “Horehound” was indeed that raw emotional connection and subconscious head nodding/foot stomping.

p.s. The National has four previous albums on sale for $5/each on Amie Street right now.

The Dead Weather Sea Of Cowards The National - High Violet

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2 Responses to “This week’s music purchases”

  1. Erik says:

    I grabbed the Dead Weather too – I actually missed the first one, so I’ll have to circle back. I liked Sea of Cowards on first listen, and I’m probably more at liking 90% of what White does, but that 10% is sure a big miss, and it’s always hard to say why. He works on such slim margins, which is where all the energy comes from, but maybe it just means there are fewer approaches to connect with it.

    I gave the new The National the amazon flyover and I just dunno – I mean if I played one of their older albums that I haven’t listened to in a while, and one of these tracks came up, I don’t think I would even notice it was new to me. I’m having a hard time justifying getting it. In the last year or so I’ve realized new music can just be tiring. I digest slowly, and really I can find/afford far more music than I can ever process. I risk missing some albums that would grow on me in time, but if I just have a huge pile of new stuff I’ll be sure to miss all of it.

    Let me know if it does start making some good moves though!

  2. Brendan says:

    Hey Erik – definitely pick up Horehound from The Dead Weather.

    I hear you on The National front – I don’t think that they really brought anything new or spectacular with their latest effort, but I live with a The National addict, and having listened to Alligator and Boxer more times than I thought possible, I find it nice to hear them playing something I haven’t heard before :-)

    A big part of what I’m trying to accomplish with this site is to share both the breadth and depth of my musical catalog, but also to filter out a lot of the new releases and share what I consider to be the best of the bunch. Definitely keep an eye on the “Standouts” category if you feel like picking up something new every now and again, but don’t want to overload yourself with every new release that comes out.