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Dreaming of music

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Written by Brendan

Thursday April 1, 2010

I was just scanning through my 2009 releases for a band that I dreamed of listening to last night. I actually still haven’t figured out what it was, but it did remind me of another related dream I had earlier this week.

I was playing disc golf and came across a random disc in the woods with “L. Lomond” written on it (most discs have the owner’s name and number, in case they get lost). Anyhow, some guy came strolling out of the woods and picked the disc up, and as I tried to sputter out “Are you the Loch Lomond,” he quickly answered yes, picked up his disc and kept playing. Such is a round of disc golf. Sidenote: while there is a band called Loch Lomond, it is not in fact that name of any of the members of the band.

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