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Is ignorant hypocrite an oxymoron?

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Written by Brendan

Monday March 29, 2010

Though I’m on the record as saying that I didn’t like The Beatles, in all fairness it was a completely ignorant statement. I didn’t actually dislike their music, because in truth I’d heard very few songs, and had never listened to an album cover to cover. It was more a reaction to a feeling of exclusion when it came to topics like The Beatles, because I grew up on Slick Rick and 2 Live Crew, and had no true knowledge of rock music.

So I’m here to admit my hypocrisy, or my ignorance, or both.

To conclude: Zeus sounds an awful lot like The Beatles, and having had the opportunity to give The Beatles a spin on my record player, I truly mean that as a complement. “River By The Garden” on the new Zeus album “Say Us” is what I was listening to as I wrote this.

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