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Not all purchases are equal

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Written by Brendan

Tuesday February 22, 2011

I came across an interesting article from NPR’s All Things Considered, talking about where your money goes when you buy an album. The conclusion is this:

“While the many layers of complex contracts, discounts and placement programs can make it tough to know exactly how much of your dollar a band gets from a retail outlet, there’s one reassuring certainty. When you buy your album directly from the band, it actually sees significantly more money.”

I definitely prefer to have heard any new music a band might be playing on tour before going to see them play it, so I don’t think I’m likely to change my purchasing habits that much in terms of buying albums at shows. But I will continue buying t-shirts from bands to make up for the couple of bucks they’re losing when I buy their album on Amazon.

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One Response to “Not all purchases are equal”

  1. EchoWhiskey says:

    It may not be totally feasible for everyone yet, but selling albums online (in digital form) is getting easier and easier.

    I guess their labels are likely to squash that and delivery is only one small piece of the equation, but I long for the time when most artists sell their music by themselves.