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Written by Brendan

Tuesday September 7, 2010

I find that among my music-loving friends, there exist many types of consumer. Some are overly obsessed music junkies like me; we read music blogs, go to big shows, little shows and everything in between, and buy up albums like they were cups of coffee. Others are more passive listeners, picking up on good music from friends and pop culture, buying occasional albums, and seeing a live show every now and again. And then there are those who love every show I recommend they go to, listen obsessively to the artists I recommend, but don’t otherwise seek music out.

I find the diaspora fascinating, and I’m inspired to write by all variety of music-loving friends. A large part of the impetus for beginning this blog was to find a more regular way to share what I’m listening to, instead of just my year-end favorite music compilations.

I’m not entirely sure I’ve been doing a very good job on that front though, too often indulging in music-fanatic geekouts and fanboy rants. Not that I’m going to cut back on that, because it’s been too much fun, but I do want to try harder to be a filter for those in search of good music.

To wit, I want to point out the charts section of my last.fm profile. These charts make it easy to not only see what albums I’ve been listening to most over the past 7 days, 3 months, 6 months and year, but also to hear samples of the music. You can see what songs I listen to most, who my favorite artists are, and what albums I just can’t stop playing.

I highly recommend clicking around, finding something you haven’t heard, and giving it a listen. I guarantee you’ll come away with at least one new favorite.

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