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Where have I been?

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Written by Brendan

Wednesday March 28, 2012

I’m not actually going to answer that – it’s actually a question to you. Where have I been that I’ve not, until just about 15 minutes ago, heard of, nor listened to, The Cat Empire? And why, more importantly, was I too oblivious to see until just now that they’re playing this weekend for 2 nights in Montreal, when I’ll also coincidentally be there?!?

While listening to my favorite radio station – WRUV (90.1 in the Burlington area, and http://soundtap.com/wruv for anyone else) – I was just introduced to their album So Many Nights.

Stop reading this, as it’s much more important to listen to this, if you’ve got Spotify:

The Cat Empire – So Many Nights

When you’re done, riddle me this – do I see Youth Lagoon on Friday and Band of Skulls on Saturday, or do I skip one or the other for The Cat Empire at Metropolis?

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