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The chance at a real connection

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Written by Brendan
Thursday April 21, 2011

On a day-to-day basis, I go to many sources to find good new music. I make a weekly habit of reading Largehearted Boy, Pitchfork and Paste. I follow my favorite record labels on Twitter and Facebook. And I click on any number of recommended links from other social network connections.

But the one source for new music that I find the most interesting is the recommendations of other artists who I enjoy. For example, Colin Meloy (of Decemberists fame) introduced me to Apex Manor via a Twitter recommendation. He strongly endorsed it, I trusted his recommendation, and he was right. Apex Manor’s The Year of Magical Drinking is one of my favorite releases of the year (and it’s just $5 on Amazon as of right now, in case you wanted to give a listen).

Ross Flournoy of Apex Manor is one of the more engaged Twitter users among the bands and musicians that I follow, so when he recommended today that I pick up East River Pipe’s new release We Live In Rented Rooms, I obviously jumped at it. I haven’t yet finished my first listen, but so far I like it enough to have inspired this post. And I love the viral aspect of the recommendations, each good band leading to another great find through a very simple online engagement.

Twitter, though used by some bands as a way to blast out spammy song/album sales pitches and impersonal show announcements to the masses, can also be used as an intensely personal and influential medium when artists are using it right. I for one would love it if more artists would use social networking to forge a deeper musical connection with their fans. Not just the music they are playing, but what they’re listening to as well. I value the recommendations of bands I like over just about any other endorsement that could be made.

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