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Tasty new track from (David) Vandervelde

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Written by Brendan

Tuesday April 26, 2011

I’m generally not one for singles – in fact I usually find myself pretty irritated every time a band pushes some “exclusive” single on me through Facebook/Twitter. I like listening to music like musicians like making it – by the album. I know that artists and labels, in an effort to make any money at all, are probably responding to the way the general populace is now consuming music, but I kinda wish artists would fight against it a little bit more by laying off the release of digital singles a bit.

Anyhow, that being said, I just stumbled across a wonderful song by one of my favorite songwriters, David Vandervelde (who is going by just his last name for this release?). I think I was tricked into clicking, because nothing mentioned a “single” or a “track”, but once I was on the page, I decided to give a listen, and I loved the song so much I had to share it here, against my own advice.

You can download the mp3 if you’d like it here. If you want more than just one track, I highly recommend his 2006 Daytrotter Session (free download) or his 2008 album Waiting For The Sunrise.

Vandervelde is currently touring, with upcoming stops in Chicago, D.C. (well, Virginia really) and Philly, New York and Boston (but sadly, not Burlington or Montreal).

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